For access to Shinsaibashisuji –North shopping street, please click on the button below. To see the history of Shinsaibashisuji –North shopping street, please refer to the description below.

Welcome to Shinsaibashi North Shopping Arcade

Shinsaibashi north Shopping Arcade has a history of 330 years and all the stores located on the street always predict the trends of the future. This is the most popular and exciting shopping street Osaka. The shopping arcade is 250m long and 100 stores are located on the both sides of the street.

At the arcade, you will find Sushi restaurants, Seaweed shops, Japanese Kimono stores, glasses, watches, jewelry, Casual fashion clothes, underwear, drug stores, 100Yen stores and many more. Come and enjoy shopping and dining (drinking) as much as you can in this exciting city. You will be welcomed with great hospitality.

The History of Shinsaibashi

A long time ago, the Shinsaibashi area was surrounded by wetlands, In order to build houses the river was dug out to make it wider, then the inhabitants cleaned the land to make the (they) are more stable. The bridge which was built over」 the wide river called Nagahorigawa was named “Shin-saidashi”. At that time, the bridge was constructed by sawing up logs from the surrounding area. As the business on the streets started to flourish, the area became busier and more prosperous. The street is still one of the busiest shopping area (areas) in Osaka.